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DESIGN BOARD // Master Bedroom

September 29, 2016


So, remember when I said that I was getting our home ready for the upcoming cooler weather?  Well, that includes our master bedroom, which I’ve been working on for a while now (let’s be honest, since we moved in 2 years ago).  I’m not sure why, but my bedroom seems the hardest for me to decorate.  Perhaps mostly because we’re renting our home and the wall colors are not at all what I would’ve chosen.  But also because it’s supposed to be my sanctuary, the room I retreat to to get away from the communal clutter and chaos that seems to be the state of my house these days.  It’s supposed to be calming, and meaningful, and filled with all of the things that I love…in other words, it’s basically gotta be perfect (please tell me that someone else suffers from this same dilemma)!  I appreciate so many different styles of decor and go through seasons of liking specific color schemes that I had a bit of difficulty committing to a palette.

I knew that I needed extra clothing storage, so I opted for some open closets inspired by Club Monaco interiors. Their eclectic mix of modern/ vintage and industrial/traditional décor is right up my alley.   Since my clothing was going to be visible in the room, I ultimately decided to let my wardrobe dictate the color palette. Anyone who knows me knows I’m definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal 95% of the time. So white, black, gray, and denim form the foundation of my closet with occasional hints of nude, and camel in the form of silky shirts and leather shoes.

On my bed I opted for all white linens because it’s classic, easily cleanable, and updated with different pillows and throw blankets throughout the year.

Above my bed is the print “Much Regard” by Ashley Woodson Bailey, which she offered in support of my friend and former boss at Sitting in a Tree, Tori Hendrix, when she lost her yearlong battle to cancer. It’s a beautiful reminder of her creative spirit and the importance of living each and every day to it’s fullest.

The room isn’t quite ready for a tour, but I promise to keep you updated. Stay tuned for the final reveal!

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September 22, 2016

leather pillows

The first day of fall is here guys!! And, although I’ll be sad to see the sunny days of summer turn cold I’m pretty ready for a little change of scenery.  How about you?  Here in Pennsylvania autumn brings the most gorgeous muted colors of dried corn stalks and harvested hay, along with the fiery hues of falling deciduous foliage, ripe apples, and a plethora of pumpkins. It also means gearing up our home for the winter, when the days are shorter and Mother Nature tries her darndest to force us indoors.  For me, that means busting out the bin of snow gear and cozying up our living areas (my bedroom included, with more details to come soon!).  During my search for some ways to up our home’s “fall-factor” I came across a number of lovely leather throw pillows. Some are simple, and let the characteristics of the leather take center stage, while others have added details that truly make them statement pieces. You may tend to think of leather as “lodge-like,” but I can assure you that with the abundance of options this season you are sure to find at least one that fits your style. I think they are a perfect way to add texture, warmth, and coziness to any room.  Which ones do you guys like?

fringed edge // basketweave

triple fringe // white suede

suede tassel // pieced

suede shag // brindle hide