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April 29, 2015

If your mom is super-excited about spring because it means she gets to get out to the garden and do some growing and sowing, this Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Garden Gal is what you need to get her geared up! I’ll be posting a few more guides within the next week to cover all types of moms out there, so if you have any specific requests just leave a comment below!!
Garden Gal Gift Guide
hunter boots // garden scissors
garden stakes // hand salve // linen apron
heritage cookbook // watering can // herb seeds



April 16, 2015

Hey guys!!  I’m so excited to finally share all the work I’ve been doing on the new blog!  I actually bit the bullet and bought my own domain name…yay!  My hope is that this space will be updated regularly and filled with helpful and inspiring content re: food, fashion/beauty, travel, decor, and my fave…DIYs.  Basically a little bit of everything, because this is a blog for wanna-be wonder-women…and we want to do it all, right?!

As most of you know, I recently opened up a vintage shop on Etsy and have been having SO much fun with it (if you didn’t know that, you should check it out now, link here).  I absolutely love scouring old antique/vintage/thrift shops for pretty little things to share with you all…and now that I’m in rural Pennsylvania, we’ve got a lot of that goin’ on around here!  So, if any of you would like to know more about how I run that business just let me know…I’m happy to share what I’ve got (even though I’m still learning as I go)!!

And, because the thrill of the hunt doesn’t stop with antiques, I’ll be doing a series called “The Look for Less.”  For this first one, I’ve compiled some modern designer table lamps with their “look for less” sisters.  I chose these lamps because #1 I love modern design and because they are neutral, timeless, and would look good in almost any home.  Lighting is such an integral part of not only the functionality of a room but also how you feel in it, so if you notice that you’re not being drawn to a particular area you may want to take a look at the lighting.  Perhaps you would love to read all snuggled up on your couch, but you just haven’t splurged on that lamp you really need on your side table…well, here are some chic, cheap(er) options to update your space.  Let me know what you think!!TheLookForLess-ModTableLamps

I would also love to know what you guys are excited to see here on, so share your comments, shoot me an email, message me on FB.  I want to make my readers happy!!

xo ~ Erin