inspiration - wedding


February 16, 2017

Last weekend we set up a vendor booth at Rusty Rail Brewing Co’s Wedding Event and had about 4 days, to not only come up with a concept but, source and create all of the elements (how do I always seem to do these things to myself?!). The venue is in an old factory and although it’s been completely updated it’s still very industrial. There were a few elements I knew I wanted to use for sure, like the cowhide rug and rustic wooden table (more to come on that later), but I needed to figure out the rest of the color palette and vibe. Did I want to keep it rustic, go more elegant, etc?


The copper tumblers are a current favorite in my rentable collection, so I decided that it would be my metal of choice. Initially I envisioned the orangey-pink of the copper paired with lavender, but the search for any purple florals in the dead of winter was a bust. So, succulents and ferns it was! This definitely pushed my design in a more modern direction and I decided to make black another color in my palette.  A few big black chunks of beautiful coal I had sitting on my bookcase from the groundbreaking at my H’s construction site would be perfect as table decor!  I really wanted to find matte black plates but ended up settling for $1 glossy ones from the Dollar Tree and small Lodge cast iron skillets from Target as “starter plates.”  To make the place settings stand out on the dark table I chose white marble tile “chargers” from Lowes.  I was supposed to borrow vintage green velvet chairs from a local rental company, but when that fell through I used my mid-century side chairs and mud cloth pillows.

Next, I needed to figure out a backdrop to create a physical and visual boundary between my booth and the next. I’d been coveting this piece from BrittanyMakes and thought perhaps I could modify it to make it larger and out of copper tubing. To my surprise, I was able to find all the right materials here locally to make a stand-alone piece that was 6 feet high by 4 feet wide. I pretty much followed her directions to a T and couldn’t have been more happy with the results! The look was completed with tea lights in various glass containers to give it a warm and romantic feel.  What do you guys think?  Are you into the slightly more edgy and masculine feel of this setup?

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Gift Giving - Valentine's Day


February 14, 2017

This past week was filled with prepping for a wedding show on Sunday here in town, so I gave absolutely NO thought to Valentine’s Day this year (my kids and H will be getting cards and cute heart-shaped pancakes if they’re lucky). BUT, if I had put some effort into this holiday to make it something kind of special it probably would’ve looked something like this…Setting the mood for a romantic night-in with Linnea’s Lights “Moroccan Rose” candle.  Then, getting a little dolled up in a flirty vintage-style dress, adorable art deco clutch, and the perfect plum lip.  If I had any say in what H got me for V-day it would definitely be one of these everlasting floral bouquets by Rue Anafel or a triple topaz ring by Desert Rose.  Seriously, I’m obsessing over all of this lately!

What are your plans for today? Anything special/fun/fabulous?? Please, tell me!


Hope you all have yourself a very vintage Valentine’s Day!!


design - interiors

DESIGN BOARD // Master Bedroom

September 29, 2016


So, remember when I said that I was getting our home ready for the upcoming cooler weather?  Well, that includes our master bedroom, which I’ve been working on for a while now (let’s be honest, since we moved in 2 years ago).  I’m not sure why, but my bedroom seems the hardest for me to decorate.  Perhaps mostly because we’re renting our home and the wall colors are not at all what I would’ve chosen.  But also because it’s supposed to be my sanctuary, the room I retreat to to get away from the communal clutter and chaos that seems to be the state of my house these days.  It’s supposed to be calming, and meaningful, and filled with all of the things that I love…in other words, it’s basically gotta be perfect (please tell me that someone else suffers from this same dilemma)!  I appreciate so many different styles of decor and go through seasons of liking specific color schemes that I had a bit of difficulty committing to a palette.

I knew that I needed extra clothing storage, so I opted for some open closets inspired by Club Monaco interiors. Their eclectic mix of modern/ vintage and industrial/traditional décor is right up my alley.   Since my clothing was going to be visible in the room, I ultimately decided to let my wardrobe dictate the color palette. Anyone who knows me knows I’m definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal 95% of the time. So white, black, gray, and denim form the foundation of my closet with occasional hints of nude, and camel in the form of silky shirts and leather shoes.

On my bed I opted for all white linens because it’s classic, easily cleanable, and updated with different pillows and throw blankets throughout the year.

Above my bed is the print “Much Regard” by Ashley Woodson Bailey, which she offered in support of my friend and former boss at Sitting in a Tree, Tori Hendrix, when she lost her yearlong battle to cancer. It’s a beautiful reminder of her creative spirit and the importance of living each and every day to it’s fullest.

The room isn’t quite ready for a tour, but I promise to keep you updated. Stay tuned for the final reveal!